Who Are Complete Web Design?
Who Are We

Sandwiched between the south downs and the English Channel, Complete Web Design is based about 2 miles outside the city of Brighton and Hove. Having been born here, it has always been a place to call home. With incredible views from the top of Devils Dyke (as you can see in the image), through to BBQ’s down the beach, we really are lucky to have such beauty on our doorstep.

Here at Complete Web Design we have a small team of experienced professionals that are ready to take your idea through the design stage, and then live on your domain. This includes all aspects of web design including your logo if you either don’t have one, or wanted to give it some va-va-voom. 

Our superb websites start from the low price of just £299.99

We love a good challenge here, so if there is something that you would like and we haven’t mentioned it here. Please do get in touch and we can give you a no obligation quotation below.